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One experienced CAD / GIS teacher starts at the beginning of 2010 a training company for Geo-ICT. Other teachers were added soon. Currently 6 teachers provide various CAD, GIS, Geodesy, Databases, Data analysis and programming courses from 4 locations in the Netherlands. The group of teachers is now surrounded with 25 young Geo-ICT professionals who are trained and guided to make a good start in our growing geo-sector. The young professionals follow various CAD, GIS and Geodesy courses and at the University of applied Sciences NOVI they follow the part-time BSc Geo-ICT. The Dutch geo sector needs hundreds of BSc graduates in the coming years. In this way, we try to do our part and we see several fellow employers in the sector doing the same. Once a quarter we publish a blog Geo-ICT in which you can keep track of developments.