Support and promotion of GIS and Geo-ICT Education


Geo-ICT onderwijs verbinden met de arbeidsmarkt / Support and promotion of GIS and Geo-ICT EducationCollaborate with educational institutions

Together with Hogeschool NOVI and with Radius College we developed Geo-ICT education programs.  We are also active for other institutes like Hogeschool Utrecht, Hogeschool LOI, Hogeschool NTI, Horizon College and ROC Aventus.

Making suitable education

Together with Radius College we developed the Geo-ICT selectionmodule. Some of our teachter are Enkele docent zijn lid van de Koninklijk Nederlands Aardrijkskundig Genootschap and support geography teachers to apply GIS in their teachings. We developed various examples and excercises and we use opensource GIS systems. This makea it very easy  for education institutes to use GIS.

In cooperation with other institutes we have developed a number of function-oriented courses to meet the demand in the geo-sector.

Develope E-Learnings

Geo-ICT Training Center developes E-Learnings for themselves and for other organisations. We like to learn you the tools we use.

Our develope E-Learnings Tools courses:

Function Oriented

Apply GIS in primary and secondary education

GIS in het Voortgezet Onderwijs wordt nog onvoldoende gebruikt maar is zeker in opkomst. Voor docenten kan het lastig zijn om GIS te gebruiken in de les. Vaak is er gebrek aan tijd en geld om het aan te leren. Vooral GIS-didactische kennis is lastig aan te leren. Onze docenten zijn ook bevoegde (aardrijkskunde) docenten en hebben veel ervaring met Geo-ICT en GIS.  Zij helpen u graag op weg in onze leergangen voor docenten.

Veel mbo instituten willen graag het mbo keuzedeel Geo-ICT invoeren. Met de leergang Geo-ICT voor mbo docenten maakt u een goed start. We kunnen ook docenten leveren die u helpen in Geo-ICT keuzedeel in uw organisatie te implementeren.

Our Education courses:

Geo-ICT Training Center follows the developments of MOOCs closely. A massive open online course (MOOC) is a course, organized for mass participation, where the course material is spread over the web and the participants are not bound to a location. In addition to traditional study materials, such as text, videos and cases, this form of education also offers the possibility of digital interaction between students, teachers and assistants through discussion platforms. The course is not a meeting but rather a way of connecting distributed teachers and students about a common topic or field of the course. Below is a list of MOOCs that are interesting to the Geo Sector. Would you like us to develop a MOOC for you, we would like to hear that. Mail:

Secondary Education

Making professional educations which fits

Passen mbo Geo-ICT OnderwijsIn order to get a better connection to the labor market, optional courses are introduced in secondary education. Geo-ICT optional parts are available for secondary education. Geo-ICT Training Center and Radius College developed these options together. All institutes can obtain the material. Many Dutch ROCs want to introduce this choice module, but often there is insufficient time and knowledge. Geo-ICT Training Center can fully implement the optional parts for these institutes. We can also provide the competent teachers. Our teachers can further train your teachers. We help you to make the education ‘appropriate’.


The fastest route to a B.Sc diplom

De snelste route naar je hbo Geo-ICT diplomaGeo-ICT Training Center has developed an BSc Geo-ICT curriculum for and with NOVI Univercity of applied sciences and put it on the market. Geographic information system and ICT have grown strongly in recent years. The curriculum was modernized in early 2018. The course is designed on the basis of the e-Competence Framework that is widely supported within the ICT sector. A large part of the study can now also be followed by E Learnings.