GIS cursussen van vrijwel alle GIS pakkettenThe application of GIS systems is becoming more and more popular

Geographic information systems (GIS ) are used for mapping and analyzing diverse sorts of data.

Almost all disciplines use GIS

The system ArcGIS from vendor Esri is used very often but also other systems like MapInfo, Geomedia, Supermap and TatukGIS  are used broadly in the Netherlands. The opensource package QGIS  is becoming very popular. The package is for free and the functionality is very much compareable with the more expensive standard packages.


QGIS, het opensource GIS maakt een snelle opmarsOur QGIS training courses are developed by, and are provided by, experienced QGIS specialists, who apply GIS in various organizations and companies. As an active member of the QGIS Community, we keep track of all developments.

Our QGIS courses:

Smallworld GIS wordt door bijna alle grote leidingbedrijven gebruiktThese Smallworld courses continue with participation of at least 4 students. A course on location is also possible for Smallworld customers. We have several Smallworld specialists available who control the various implementations.

Our SmallWorld courses:

FME, hét pakket voor geo-data conversiesFME is a package that is widely used in the geo sector. This package is very powerful in dealing with geographic data. By means of scripts you can perform various conversions.

Our FME courses:

TatukGISThe TatukGIS Editor is a professional, general purpose desktop GIS mapping and data editing application with built-in scripting environment for customization and feature extensions. The free TatukGIS Viewer is the same product as the Editor except for certain omitted features.

Onder de motorkap van veel GIS systemen zit Tatuk GIS

Our TatukGIS courses:


GeoMedia is a flexible and dynamic GIS package for creating, updating, managing and analyzing  geospatial information.
Geomedia is het GIS pakket van Hexagon

Our Geomedia courses: