Revit Architecture Basic


Revit Architecture Basic

The course Revit Architecture Basic takes 4 days and costs € 1095,-. Revit Architecture is made by Autodesk. The following topics are covered:

  • The purpose of Building Information Management (BIM)
  • The use of the Revit Architecture workspace and interface
  • the drawing and editing tools in Revit and how to work with them
  • Creating levels and strings as basic elements for the model
  • Making a 3D building model with walls, facades, windows and doors
  • Adding floors and roofs of the building model
  • Making standard and custom staircases
  • Ceiling sign with lighting fixtures
  • Adding components: such as furniture and equipment
  • Set up plots with text, estimates, details, quantities
  • Making details

After this course you’re able to do the Revit Architecture Advanced course.

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